Jax Raynor with Hayden Quinn ~ featuring our Bohème Hamilton Capsule Collection

With their loveable nature, and diverse mix of talents… there’s no stopping this dynamic duo. We invited ‘Model Turned Cook’, Jax Raynor and her partner Hayden Quinn to join us at Manly Beach to help bring our Bohème Hamilton capsule collection to life.

The Hamilton capsule features our signature bohème silhouettes; vintage inspired fluid shapes with beautiful blouson sleeves, outlined in delicate lacing and contrast panels. This capsule is designed to be worn relaxed, layered over a bikini or paired with cosy knitwear and lush suede. Explore the Hamilton Capsule


Jax wears Hamilton Midi Dress

Jax wears Padmaja One Piece

Northern beach locals, we met Jax and Hayden at Manly beach to showcase these effortless styles. Like us at Tigerlily, Jax and Hayden share a love of the beach, the surf and travel, as well as a shared strong passion for cooking delicious and healthy food. Hayden has graced our screens on the 2011 MasterChef Australia series and more recently, Jax has created a blog ‘Model Turned Cook’ to share her love for food with the world.

Jax wears Hamilton Maxi Dress & Midi Dress

We caught up with this inspiring duo after the shoot to get a taste of their food journey so far and find out what makes their taste buds light up.

What sparked your passion for cooking?

J: I grew up hanging out in my parents’ restaurants and watching them cook. I’ve always loved being in the kitchen and around food, especially when it’s with family and friends. There’s something special about bringing everyone together to share something that you took time to create.

H: I guess I have always loved cooking, from as young as I can remember I loved food, I loved cooking and I really enjoyed being in the kitchen annoying my mum (who is an amazing cook!) I guess my story is a little similar to Jax’s in that my mum worked in the food world, she used to teach Home Economics at TAFE and then cookery at different companies when I was growing up, so I was always around great food.

When did you start writing about food and where do you draw inspiration from?

J: I started writing about food about a year ago. My blog is all about creating food that people actually want to eat, not just healthy food or extravagant dinners but a bit of everything, because that’s how most people eat. I draw a lot of inspiration from my parents and what they cooked us growing up. Dinner was always something exciting and delicious that my parents would super casually throw together.

H: I did my first recipe for MasterChef magazine back in 2011, I still remember the shoot, it was pretty awesome! Whole food team, stylist, photographer, the works, it was unreal! Lots of fun and super easy to work with an amazing team! Now I am a contributor / writer for Delicious mag Delicious on Sundays. Jax and I love the all the great recipes.

Tell us about your favourite food travel destination.

J: New York is easily my favourite place to go for food. You can get every type of food you could ever dream of. It’s a melting pot of different cultures and you see that in the food. Pretty much the dream place for anyone that likes to eat. Plus, they know how to make pizza.

H: Mmmmmmm…. Haha too many options, but I think I am going to have to say either Japan or Italy (which Jax is going to hate cause she hasn’t been to either of those places and I keep promising her that we will go!!!!) I think with Italy the whole place just gets under your skin, food is their life! They live to eat! And in Japan, there is so much ceremony around food and everything is treated with respect and love (plus a ramen is possibly the best food in the world)

If you had to choose 3 dishes (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be?

J: I like waffles, a lot. I don’t think I could eat them everyday though. I’ve got a weird thing for toast with butter and avocado on it. Lunch I could probably have some sort of salad wrap, preferably with a lot of haloumi. Dinner is the hardest because it’s my favorite meal to cook, but I’d probably go with a roast chicken with some fresh greens or veggies. If dessert was included, I would 100% pick chocolate pure pops because I have a serious addiction to them.

H: Breakfast burritos, Portuguese Style Chicken Burger, Pasta and a glass of red wine (I may be a little large if I ate that every day for the rest of my life haha I’d be happy though!)

Who is in charge in the kitchen?

J: I like to think I am but it’s probably more 50/50. Our kitchen isn’t huge so we normally don’t cook together but when we do have the space we divide everything pretty equally.

H: I am in charge of the cleaning! I think Jax is. I sort of get pushed out haha. When we cook it is more “your turn” and “my turn” not so much cooking together, we are both a little too passionate about how we like to cook our food.

What is your favourite recipe to cook together?

J: We make a pretty amazing pasta with sausage, kale, garlic, fennel seeds and chili flakes. It’s our go to when we don’t really know what we want, and it’s super cheap to make. We stand in the kitchen and have a glass of red wine and some cheese and watch F*ck That’s Delicious on Hayden’s phone or computer while everything cooks. It’s a bit silly but we love it.

H: Yep, I would have to say that is one of our fav’s. We also love having people around and entertaining and going a little over the top (like this lunch), I am more of a savory person and Jax is great with desserts and making great sides so we split it up like that.

With all this talk of food, we just had to ask the couple for an easy to recreate and share recipe that's both delicious and healthy…

Hayden's Super Salad Recipe

With thanks to Jax Raynor & Hayden Quinn

Photography Josie Clough

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