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14 years ago our Creative Director Amelia embarked on her first trip with Tigerlily to Hong Kong to visit our suppliers’ showrooms. Just 22 years old and a self-proclaimed “rookie designer”, Amelia was completely in awe of the expertise and design possibilities she experienced first-hand on this first trip. This invaluable experience truly opened her eyes to the manufacturing and production processes and building ongoing relationships with all of our suppliers.

Some words from our Creative Director Amelia...

“When I first travelled to HK, Tigerlily was just a young brand producing small quantities and therefore we were quite limited with who we could work with and incurred many surcharges and fees to get our production into works. Small brands can’t necessarily afford to allocate resource towards seeking transparency to ensure ethically sound practices are in place, but today it’s almost expected that fashion brands are built this way from the ground up.

As we grew, so did our focus on gaining visibility and ethical business practices and we are so proud that this has been a key focus for over a decade now. All Tigerlily factories are now ethically certified through our independent social compliance auditors, Bureau Veritas. We now visit our factories up to 4 times per year and maintain long-standing, cherished relationships and friendships with our teams in both China and India. We couldn’t do what we do without them, it’s a mutual partnership we respect immensely. 

We are so excited about 2018 and beyond, especially now that we stand as an independent brand once again under new ownership. Our team are working harder than ever to research and implement better ways we can create our designs and approach everything we do. 50% of our 2018 swim collection is now on revolutionary recycled Italian base-cloths and over 60% of our fabric mills are OEKO-TEX certified. We are excited for what lies ahead!”

During this week, we remember the tragic event that changed everything for our industry. We at Tigerlily support Fashion Revolution and ask you to join us in asking the question

who made my clothes?...

5 years ago today, the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed. This tragic incident resulted in 1,138 casualties and left many injured. Most of these victims were women, all whom were producing clothing under harsh work environments for large global brands.

As a brand with global aspirations ourselves, we support Fashion Revolution and aim to use our influence to instil positive change within our beloved fashion industry and make positive change for future generations.

Ethical sourcing and sustainability have become an integral part of who we are as a brand. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our suppliers over the years, from the owners of the factories to the merchandisers, makers in the factories and mills that produce our fabrics.

On our most recent trip to China we met with our makers and fabric mills to gain further insight into how our designs are being created and to learn from our workers directly about ways in which we can improve.

One of the mills we visited was our wonderful silk printer in Dongguan, owned by the most lovely people, Mr and Mrs Tong. We have been working with their OEKO-TEX certified mill for over 5 years now and each time we visit, we are completely blown away by the detail that goes into the manufacturing these beautiful textiles. The silks are printed in a variety of ways, including digital, transfer, rotary and screen printing. Our custom designs are exposed onto screens, one colour per screen. Then the screens are re-purposed, ready to use again for our new designs again the following season. What we are most proud of is that these lush silks are printed under stringent codes in relation to use of hazardous chemicals making this mill along with over 60% of all Tigerlily mills, OEKO-TEX certified.

We are so proud of our long-standing, 10+ years relationships with the majority of our supplier base. Creating strong lasting relationships with our makers is extremely important to us and is why we visit our mills in China and India up to 4 times a year. Meeting with our mills gives us a greater understanding of the process and allows us to spend time with the talented people who make our designs come to life.

Creating a positive change isn’t easy, it takes time, research and resources. We strive to create designs that will leave a positive impact on our planet and our industry we love so much. Without the support from our makers, mills and merchandising teams we would not be able to realise our vision for Tigerlily. So once again this year we chose to support the movement of Fashion Revolution and ask ‘#whomademyclothes?’.

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