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Emitting a very Mother Earth energy in her final weeks of pregnancy, our Creative Director, Amelia sat down with Signourey from 'Beauticate' Blog (our long time go-to beauty blog ) to chat beauty, fitness & fashion. Find Amelia's answers below...

How would you describe your personal style? Some of your favourite recent purchases?

I’m far from a minimalist, I love colour and pattern, although being pregnant I must admit a black heavy rib dress from ‘Reformation’ in the USA has been my saviour! I have been wearing it under all my favourite printed Tigerlily kaftans, kimonos and shirts. I bought the most incredible dark blue suede sandals on a recent trip to Austin, Texas. They are so soft and have a padded lining, a major bonus. I also picked up the coolest leather jacket from ‘Understated leather’ an Austin based label created by and Aussie girl, they are heavy duty and tough looking, I figured its perfect for over my beachwear I love to wear year-round ha ha…

A few of Amelia's faves:
Josie Maran Argan cleansing powder- from Mecca. It’s a dry powder that you mix with water in your palm so you can decide the level of cleanse you are after such as a dry texture for a deep cleanse or milder cleanse with more water added...I only use when I feel the need to cleanse after wearing sunscreens or heavier makeup for an event. Kiehl’s face cream-I love just how plain and simple it is!

Salus body oil- I love anything Patchouli and rose. It's perfection when my skin feels dry.

What is your beauty philosophy?

Very simple, beachy, bronzed and quick.

How has your beauty routine evolved with being pregnant?

It hasn’t changed, except I have gone through so much oil to apply to my body day and night. Your skin stretches a lot during pregnancy so I have been using Kora Rosehip oil to relieve itching and avoid stretch marks which has worked so far!

What's your earliest/funniest beauty memory?

My earliest would have to be trying to emulate Gwen Stefani in ‘don’t speak’ with her Indian bindis and dark purple lipstick (I think it was during the ‘Poppy’, seven deadly sins craze) Oh the 90s...

Pictured above:
Josie Maran whipped argan oil-fell in love with argan after a trip to Morocco.
Great to use for your legs!
Oribe Airbrush texture root spray-I use this for those last few days before you get your colour touched up! It covers greys and adds great texture to your roots. 
I picked it up from Crown hair in Darlinghurst.
Byredo Gypsy water & Le Labo Patchouli 24- from mecca.

I love roll on oils for travelling, they are compact and smell incredible!

What is the greatest piece of beauty advice you ever received?

My mother, encouraged me to always aim to look like yourself! I very rarely let anyone else do my make up for this reason unless the makeup artist knows me well, I usually take it off and start again.

What is your morning beauty ritual?

My ideal morning even though I’ll be lucky to get in more than 3 a week at the moment… consists of I/2 a lemon in warm water (cliché I know), followed by yoga home practice, I am loving a more Yin practice of late as It gets harder to continue in my old ways due to my bump. Shower, cleanse with Sunday riley ceramic slip. Moisturise, liquid foundation & liquid bronzer, Mascara & eyebrow pencil and done!

A few of Amelia's faves:
Bumble and Bumble hairdressers oil- I have such curly hair so I need all the help I can get especially in summer humidity I combine a few products to tame it all.
Kevin Murphy young again- I have used this forever!
My hair loves it! I apply to wet hair every time I wash it.

Tangle teezer- The best de-tangler ever! Also a great size for travelling but cuts down the time I would normally spend combing my beach hair especially when I don’t touch it for days in summer.

How do you take care of your skin? Do you have a favourite beauty salon/facialist?

No, I don’t do anything, I don’t have time for treatments, well there are things I’d rather be doing in my down time. I try to swim in the ocean every week, get lots of vitamin D, always wear a hat in the sun and aim to get a massage once a month.

What are the five hair products every girl should have at all times?

I can only think of 3 that I really need… Anti-frizz- kevin murphy young again, Orlaplex for my ends and Oribe texture root spray to touch up my colour as my greys really show in my dark hair, especially handy if you have an important meeting, on deadline and no time to get your hair done!

How do you relax, look after your wellbeing?

Yoga mid-week and swimming at Wylie’s baths in Coogee on the weekend. Good music in the car on the way to work! And technology down at night when I spend time with my husband.

Pictured above:
Hand soap from Koskela

Kora rosehip body oil- I love how well this absorbs, it has been magical during pregnancy.

An absolute fave: Sunday Riley Ceramic slip cleanser- from Mecca, made with French green clay, Moroccan lava clay, frankincense, jasmine & sandlewood (the most magic combination!!)

Are you into fitness? If so, what kinds of activity do you do?

I used to love running 8km and kick boxing, something I hope to return to after my pregnancy, I really miss a good workout. I love to balance high energy and more Zen rituals like walking and yoga to keep me balanced.

Are you a healthy eater? Or more burgers and fries? Bit of both? What's your day on a plate?

Mostly healthy day to day. The tigerlily team are really into food so we mostly make our lunches, salads or mezze plates usually. For dinner, I cook Teresa Cutter’s ‘Fish in a bag’ it’s so easy or Fish tacos. My husband makes the best bolognaise and we have Pizza every week at Vacanza in Surry hills.


A few snaps inside Amelia's home featuring 'Ducati', Amelia's beloved cat.

You can read the full interview with Amelia here

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