Tigerlily is the only swim, occasion and resort wear brand that offers a complete holiday wardrobe designed with artistry for an adventure-seeker who lives for fun and freedom in an era where investing into experiences takes priority over all else. F

Our Values:

Optimistic:We feel empowered and empower others. Because optimism awakens confidence and confidence seizes and creates opportunities.

Adventurous: We dream big, with a playful mentality and have fun. This speaks to our heart, mind and attitude,ourselves and others to explore and discover new experiences.

Ethical:We consistently exercise respect for each other, our supply chain, customers and the planet ensuring our customers can take comfort in the knowledge that our behaviour treats people and the planet well.

If you are an optimistic adventure-seeker, looking for a business that will support both your personal and professional development, we want to hear from you! Pursue our available opportunities below and submit you application to careers@tigerlily.com.au to become our next #TigerlilyGirl.