Take Me To… Mykonos (Aka The Big M)


We have always wanted to shoot a collection in Greece and this year our dream came true. With the help from some incredible people, we were able to celebrate an amazing milestone – our fifteenth birthday at one of the most idyllic locations on earth. 'Meals' our Creative Director decided to stay on after the shoot and explore Greece further. She brings us part 3 of our Travelogue…

Mykonos would have to be the most talked about holiday destinations here at Tigerlily HQ hence the nick name ‘the big M’! (the term aptly coined by our merchie Lia). We dream of visiting daily and I am going to give you plenty of reasons why…

The first time I laid eyes on this beautiful island I was 19 years old and after a 17- day contiki tour from London to Athens I was ready to say goodbye to the bus and jumped on my first Sea Jets ferry to get us across to the big M… On first glance I was in awe of Mykonian style Cycladic architecture with its signature white render, flat roofs and triangle ornamentation decorating the buildings. I have been known to lust over doors and found my match here, with the most iconic blue doors that vary in shades of blue to green. Chora or the main town of Mykonos is built like a winding maze you can get lost in for hours. Originally built by the locals to confuse attacking pirates. The streets of Mykonos town are now a lively evening attraction with some of the best holiday shopping I have come by. Over the years I have visited this magic Island several times and have come to the conclusion that Mykonos has something for everyone! Whether it is a family holiday, catching your fave international DJ whilst partying with mates or a relaxed food & wine tour the big M has it all…

Fave beaches & food…

Kalua beach club at Paraga ~

I love this beach not too far from the town, it has a few great beach clubs along the sand with full beach service meaning food, drinks, massages all come to you! My personal pick is Kalua beach club, the service is fantastic with the staff running around at chaotic pace to ensure your drinks arrive in a timely manner, plus from my experience and speaking with friends who regularly frequent they are consistent season after season.



Scorpios at Paraga beach ~

To the southern end of this beach there is a peninsula that stretches out which looks like it has a big pile of rocks on it. Housing Mykonos’s most talked about addition this year and what can only be described, as a human size scorpion den is the incredible new beach club/restaurant Scorpios. All in dusty desert shades the interiors evoke the Sahara, Ibiza and Mykonos all in one. The food was exceptional and the drinks were over the top but when in Rome! We saw some amazing German DJ’s whilst we were there and danced in the dust till the sun set over the Aegean. Aussie musicians ‘sneaky sound system’ also played a resident gig here most Sundays over the summer. A must to splash out for the day…


Kiki’s at Agios Sostis beach ~

On the northern tip of the island a 20min motorbike ride from the town. We tend to visit here at least 3 times when we visit Mykonos. We actually plan our whole day around arriving at 10-11am for a dip in the tiny cove then put our name down at the quaint tavern which is the only one in sight and wait till it opens at 12 noon for one of the most simple and magical Greek lunches one can experience. Kikis is a basic, rustic longstanding family tavern with no sign or phone and only recently with electricity. Eating at this incredible little nook of the world is a complete experience that cannot be missed! Order rose in copper tins, mixed salad plates, stuffed aubergines and if you’re the incredible Hulk get the pork chop that looks like it came from a dinosaur… all wood-grilled right in front of you by friendly, hard working hosts who will remember you year after year.

Jackie O’s at Super paradise beach ~

One of the most iconic beaches, Super has evolved and changed over the past fifteen years so many times. Once a destination for mostly gay holidaymakers the mix now includes just as many families and young solo travellers. With cheaper party options and pumping music for the young travellers to the brand new ‘Jackie O’s to the far end of the beach with luxury day beds, great service and colourful drag shows.


Spilia beachside restaurant at Kalafatis beach ~

Also a new addition to Mykonos! A little off the beaten path you can get there by boat or by car and climb around the rocky path way to enter this cave of a beachside restaurant. The focus is on seafood and oh my! It was just one of the most memorable lunches of my life! The pasta with Lobster was decadent as was the risotto made with ‘mastica’ a unique ingredient I mentioned in the Sifnos travelogue. Truly memorable best shared with a group so you can try a few things.



Also must try… Gyros in Mykonos town and restaurants: Maero traditional, Kounella’s fish tavern, Avra garden terrace and Kalita Greek modern.

Where to stay…

My preference of where to stay is Mykonos town as its great to explore the beaches by day and the town by night so you can avoid the Italians burning around the island on their scooters till all hours.

Poseidon hotel ~

Great location in town this was the first place I ever stayed in Mykonos and I have seen it renovated over the years and it is still a great boutique option.


Rochari & little Rochari ~

I love staying here… pronounced ‘Roharry’ Stavroula the owner is an established local businesswoman whom owns several properties on the island and knows the best spots to eat and swim better than anyone. Rochari is beautiful simple Cycladic accommodation with enough of the mod cons. The pool is great to cool off and the breakfast is incredible with my fave ‘Risogolo’ rice custard my Yia Yia used to make for us when we were kids.


Boheme ~

A newer addition and I haven’t stayed here but a girlfriend of mine did and said it was spectacular if you are after a luxury option.


Alternatively on a budget camping at Paradise beach seems a popular option for the young travellers with cabins & campground. Also Tropicana beach bar is loads of fun here but gets very loose!


If you are into ancient history like I am then I recommend a break from the indulging and head over to the ancient city of Delos. A short boat ride from the port and an amazing archaeological site with ruins, mosaics and artifacts dating back to the Bronze age. I loved it! my husband was not so happy we missed dancing on tables with mates at Nammos beach club over this... ha ha but, it was worth it.

All you need to pack are bikinis, gauzy whites some jewels that jingle and Greek sandals!

Yassas! Amelia Xx

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