Tahiti with Bree Warren

To celebrate the launch of our first neoprene swim range, we had Bree Warren pack a few of the latest pieces for her trip to the French Polynesian Island of Tahiti. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to hear the avid surfers thoughts on the collection…
“My favourite thing about it is the print. I love that it’s an extension of the iconic Tigerlily prints and that it looks like a fashion item rather than a wetsuit. I never understood why wetsuits always had to be so boring."

I’ll always remember these pics; there are such good memories attached to them. Tigerlily is a brand I grew up wearing and still love wearing now, so to be able to shoot their surf range in such a beautiful place with my boyfriend and my favourite board was amazing. Pretty much everything I love is there in one shoot.”

And her tips on finding the perfect suit? "Choose the right size. Wetsuits are a little like jeans in that they stretch after a few times in the water, so don’t get it too big. You need to buy it so that it’s snug and it keeps the warmth in, but if you buy it ridiculously small then it can be impossible to get out of it when you’re wet. I’ve done this before and the struggle is real when your wetsuit is too small, so it’s a fine line. You have to find the happy medium."

Take a look at Bree's interview on GRAZIA for more about finding the perfect suit for your travels.

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