Lovers, creatives and kindred spirits ~ we are so inspired by Zippora (Zippy) Seven and Terence Connors...

To be honest, Zippy has never left our mood board at Tigerlily HQ. She has always been one of our muses with her natural, 1970s, free-spirited vibe. We have wanted to shoot in New Zealand for many years, having two boutiques in Auckland and with Zippy being from Waiheke Island herself, the collaboration couldn't have been more perfect.

When we found out that Terence and Zippy were dating - we were so excited. We adore Terence's work and the candid snaps he takes of Zippy on their travels. We are drawn to the intimate and spontaneous nature of their work and love the duos dynamic. They are so very Bobo.

See below for our little q & a with Zippy and Terence post-shoot...

Tigerlily: I am sure you get asked this a lot, but how did you two lovers meet?

Zippy: We met in Paris and one night in a whirl of music we kissed… Nothing came of it but two years later we met again through mutual friends and we replayed that night. Again, we went on with our youth and two years later I was shooting in swimwear on a rooftop in New York… I guess third time lucky!

Terence: Yep!

Tigerlily: It seems as though you both are always travelling… Where in the world are you now?

Zippy: I just wrapped up a week-long shoot in Borneo and I am currently at the airport heading to Paris.

Terence: I’m in London, just finishing a shoot as well and on my way to New York tomorrow!

Tigerlily: What is your favourite travel destination and why?

Zippy: Italy, I guess because I come from such a young country. Italy is like finding your grandmother’s old jewellery box… Days are slow, people are in love, the food is simple and delicious… and there are cats everywhere!

Terence: Anywhere with Zippy!

Tigerlily: Why is Waiheke a special place for you both?

Zippy: Waiheke for me is where my spirit is at home. The island is everything that I am.

Terence: I can just imagine Zippy growing up there and it was also where I spent my first Christmas with her family and first Christmas on the beach. I love everything about the island.

Tigerlily: What are your favourite pitstops in Waiheke?

Zippy: Dragon fired pizza on the beach, the weekend markets in Ostend, Onetangi Beach and ‘the jump rock’!

Terence: Mmm yep those are pretty amazing. I would add Raw, the veggie shop in Ostend and the organic shop in the industrial estate – it’s a bit hidden away but they have an amazing selection of health supplements, really good sunblock and delicious produce!

Tigerlily: Zippy, what are some of your most memorable childhood moments growing up on the island?

Zippy: I’d spend summers with my family sailing the islands in the Hauraki Gulf. I’d adventure to shore with my brothers and explore with our imaginary magic powers. Waiheke was the only island with shops and people. We’d anchor in Oneroa and be so excited to row in for lollies! My parents trusted me a lot with boats. My dad taught me to navigate using the stars and we’d take turns sleeping – those were my favourite nights being alone and in charge.

Tigerlily: We love your eclectic style and vibe…What are some of your favourite vintage haunts?

Zippy: I love ‘Les Puces’, the flea markets in Paris, and ‘Melet Mercantile’ in New York.

Tigerlily: We believe that you both embody the spirit of a Bobo… What are your ultimate life mottos?

Zippy: Let your freak fly!

Terence: I try and have a big life. What I mean is try not to restrain my field of view… Keep being curious, travel as much as I can, meet many people, have many friends, read, watch movies, fall in love fully and hard and finally, always be open to an adventure!

Tigerlily: What’s planned next for Zippy and Terence?

Terence: A lot, but a big thing for us this year is the house we are building in Montauk, New York. Apart from that, just keep working hard and travelling to wherever work calls.


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xx Tigerlily

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