Q & A With Izi & Jonny

As many of you would know already, travel is a constant theme at Tigerlily and we are always on the lookout for new places to wander! Undoubtedly, this is why we adore Izi Simundic and Jonny Seelenmeyer’s blog ~ The Editorialist. The creative duo describe it as a “playground for the travel hungry”.

We met Izi a little while ago during an impromptu marketing meeting at Orchard St. The Croatian beauty won us over with her bubbly personality, down to earth nature and sunny disposition (also we will never forget that delicious Spiked & Spiced elixir she made us – a must try!).

Izi has starred in many Tigerlily shoots since then and her boyfriend Jonny is just as lovely and talented, being a freelance photographer. Currently, the pair are off travelling the world/chasing the sunshine and creating more exciting content for their blog. Here is a little q & a with them both accompanied below with some shots by Jonny of Izi rocking our current Casa Luna summer collection in the dreamy Italian town of Positano…

How did you two lovers meet?

Izi: we met 4 years ago at a friend's birthday and have been together ever since... Although, we just recently found a photo taken at a festival back in 2008 (that neither of us remember taking). We are sure it was an omen... Or a cruel reminder of our fashion choices!

We absolutely adore your blog The Editorialist as it is full of travel, food and lifestyle advice... How did it all begin?

Izi: it was never meant to be anything serious, just a place to share our most-loved adventures. A recipe we posted of our favourite raw, vegan salted caramel cake went viral - and the rest is history!

Jonny: it was all a bit of fun initially, something to keep us hungry for new adventures. Now, 4 years later, it's still exactly that - we just continue to spill our adventures and love into it.

'Travel often' are words we love to live by at Tigerlily HQ... What has been your favourite travel destination so far?

Izi: it would have to be a little town we visited in the South Island of New Zealand. We spent the day walking through the bush until we reached a long dirt track... At the end, was a waterfall filled with hundreds of baby seals. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

Jonny: hmmm tough one... South Island NZ is full of amazing natural beauty - just drive for days and take it all in. But if you can handle crowds, Santorini might take the crown. The fact that civilisation exists on the peak of an inactive volcano surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea is pretty special.

Where in the world are you now?

Izi: we are on a train crossing the Austrian boarder into the Czech Republic... Next stop Prague!

Jonny ~ we absolutely adore the shots you took of Izi in Positano (see below)! Do you have any travel tips for those wanting to wander the Amalfi Coast?

Jonny: Positano is definitely a place to see. The entire coast from Naples to Amalfi is amazing - so many gems if you have time to explore! Ravello is pretty special too if you'd like to get higher in the mountainside.

Izi ~ you are a 'Tigerlily' through and through... What are some of your favourite looks from our Casa Luna summer collection?

Izi: I really love the Mitla print, I can imagine many salty days wearing it! I also love the Buenavista tara swim top, it's beautifully dainty and feminine.

What are your ultimate life mottos?

Izi: my Dad taught me that "character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you" - it's something I like to live by.

Jonny: make change, and take risks.

What's planned next for Izi & Jonny?

Izi: wherever the wind blows us...

Make sure you keep to date with The Editorialist and follow Izi and Jonny on Instagram to see where in the world they are now!

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