Mallorca with Izi & Carly

Two of our favourite travelers, photographer Carly Brown & Izi Simundic explore one of our ultimate seaside destinations, Mallorca, Spain... Carly perfectly captured Izi's natural beauty as they wander the old stone streets and cooled off in the azure waters of this dreamy Spanish town. 

My name is…
Isabel Simundic

But my friends call me… Izi, and my parents call me Zizie

Bondi Beach is home.
My Talisman (lucky/magic charm) is... A gold ring my sister gave me. I don’t get to see her every day because she lives in London, so I hold onto it tight.

Spain is...  rich in culture, covered in hidden swimming holes and a treasure trove of trinket stores. But best of all, Spain has the best seafood paella you will ever have.

Favourite Tigerlily bikini from the collection?
My favorite is the Escondido – it’s the perfect fit, and who doesn’t love a little leopard-print!?

Tell us about shooting your Tigerlily travels...
As a long-time lily, it’s always such fun working together. We had such a hilarious time navigating our way around Mallorca. Carly (the photographer) and I are both incredibly clumsy, so trying not to slip on mossy-ocean rocks or fall off the jetty in the local fisherman’s village was a real challenge.

What transformative travel experience have you had?
Maybe it would be… the first time I went to Croatia. Croatian was the first language I learned, as my parents could speak very little English when they arrived in Australia; my whole childhood was immersed in Croatian cooking and culture. I remember stepping off the plane and feeling right at home; everyone sounded just like my parents, and the food was exactly as I remembered it.   

Travel to me is... Freedom, self-exploration and cultural insight

Favorite culture to explore… The most interesting experience I have had was in China several months ago. China only opened itself to foreign visitors in the mid-1980’s and you can really feel that in the strength of the culture. It was the first trip I felt really pushed outside of my comfort zone, everything was totally different. I was in the south, so there were no western restaurants and very few people spoke English. On the last day, I went to a traditional Chinese show at the Folk Culture Village in Shenzen; it’s a mix of dance and acrobatics, it was really incredible to see. 

What is your most treasured holiday discovery?
My most treasured holiday discovery was four years ago in the South Island of New Zealand. We found a waterfall at the end of a bush track with hundreds of baby seals swimming underneath. We later found out that their mothers carry them up the stream, away from danger, until they’re big enough to face the big world. It was magic.

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