Inspired By Kantha

At Tigerlily, we have an eternal love for Indian textiles. Time after time we return to India as a source of inspiration for our collections. Our latest Katha story is inspired by the divine vintage 'Kantha' quilts we have stumbled across on our travels.

For centuries, Bengali women have handcrafted Kantha quilts from discarded cloth. In fact in Sanskrit, the word 'Kantha' simply means 'rags'. Often made from old family garments or vibrant sari cloths, Kantha quilts are sewn together using a simple running over-stitch.

These quilts hold so much sentimental value, often telling a story through each design, technique or pattern used. In rural India, Kanthas are not only considered a piece of art but they are also extremely functional. Families use the the brightly coloured quilts as a source of warmth and they are often offered to guests as a seat or as an expression of welcome.

Sometimes embroidered with mirrors or even embellished with shells, Kantha quits have a profound history. The earliest mention of the Bengali Kantha was five hundred years ago. They are believed to date back to the time of Guatama Buddha who used to cover himself with garments made from discarded rags that were patchworked and sewn together.

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