We are united in our vision to be part of the change, inspiring our peers on our journey to becoming a global leader in ethical and consciously driven fashion design.

Bold statement however, our passion for sustainability - is and has always been - part of our brand ethos and DNA. There is no question that from inception, Tigerlily has stood for women, our children, our planet and equal opportunities for all.

We endeavor to set the benchmark for our peers, to own the narrative and to lead by example. We take our commitment to operating ethically very seriously and proud to be leading the industry into an era of greater responsibility, a higher consciousness and preserving our planet for future generations.

This report is our first Annual Sustainability Report and marks our commitment to social, environmental and ethical practices. We are proud to share our results and invite you to follow our journey as we seek to continuously improve year on year.


Chris Buchanan
CEO | Tigerlily