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A Guide To Sicily
Eloise Jaksic

Published by Tigerlily

Eloise wears the Zari Blouse


Eat: Olives. All. The. Time.

Sleep: Anywhere. Always.

Do: A little bit of everything.

Pack: More than I need!

Name: Eloise Jaksic

What do you do? Freelance brand social media & content creator

Socials: @eloisejaksic

Star Sign: Gemini


You travel often and beautifully. Why Sicily?

I’m on a seven month trip around the world! I didn’t make it to Sicily last time I was in Italy so this time it was a must.

Eloise wears the Jamais Maxi Dress


My day:

  • Breakfast in Agrigento
  • Road trip to SCALA DEI TURCHI
  • Beach time at Scala Dei Turchi
  • Lunch on the beach – Majata
  • Walk along the beach to the Turkish Steps
  • Picnic on the Turkish steps & a swim in the ocean

Places to stay:

  • Check out the local B&Bs in the area for an authentic experience.

Places to eat:

  • Sal 8
  • Terracotta
  • Grab cheese, cold cuts and wine from the alimentari and watch the sunset

Eloise wears the Reseda Maxi Dress

Eloise wears the Damas Top and the Damas Pant

What I did:

  • Visit the old market (fresh produce) in the mornings & have a panini at one of the stalls (you’ll know which one – there is always a line!)
  • Check out Ceramiche De Simone – Best ceramics in Sicily!
  • Walk the streets & visit the incredible church from the 7th century
  • Aperitivo by the water at sunset


Places To Stay :

  • Re Federico Boutique Hotel
  • Airbnb: Apartment full of charm and light in the heart of Ortigia

Places to eat:

  • Café Apollo for pistachio granita with brioche (typical Italian Summer breakfast)
  • Cannoli Del Re – best cannoli
  • Bar Marciante – bisuits & sweets
  • Bar Pasticceria Midolo – best arancini
  • Gelateria Artigianale Belfiore Gelato e Cioccolato – yum gelato

Eloise wears the Jamais Maxi Dress

Eloise wears the Zari Blouse

Eloise wears the Cosa Maxi Dress


Day three: Syracuse to Riserva Naturale Cavagrande Del Cassibile

What I did:

  • Road trip to Riserva Naturale Cavagrande Del Cassibile Sicilia. A beach filled with locals situated off a farm. Perfectly clear, blue water and soft sand.
  • Bring your own umbrella and snacks. It’s not built up at all (which, is amazing).
  • Last night in Syracuse spent with more wine at Enoteca Solaria

Eloise wears the Persi Silk Jumpsuit


How can someone ensure they have an authentic experience of a place in an age of Instagram geotags, digital travel guides and bloggers? Do you have any tips for travellers looking to immerse themselves into a culture?

We love to find a great bar or restaurant and then spend hours chatting with the staff about their favourite spots & recommendations. Sometimes it’s so much more real than what you find on the internet. We have come across some incredible places through locals that we have met along the way.



What has been your favourite travel experience so far?  

It’s pretty simple but we really enjoyed sitting at a natural wine bar with only locals in a small town drinking wine & chatting.



Eloise wears the Persi Maxi dress

Eloise wears the Cameli Mini Wrap Dress

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