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Recently, our friend Andy Kovszun from @noshoes_no worries journeyed to the remarkable destination of Sri Lanka. Unfortunately we did not get to tag along, but luckily for us, Andy has put together an all-inclusive 'Guide to Sri Lanka' which takes us through the best places to stay, things to see, do and eat, and not to mention, the things we can't leave without. Hope you enjoy!

Guide to Sri Lanka

Land of tall palm trees, breath taking coastlines, amazing food and genuine, soulful locals. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit this tear drop in the heart of the Indian ocean, you’ll know that this beautiful country makes your soul smile from the inside out.

The island has been on everyone’s radar lately, and for good reason. From the minute you set foot in Sri Lanka, the laid-back, life lovin’ vibes will have you throw away your watch, kick your shoes off and permanently wrap your sarong around your waist.

Tuk-Tuks line the streets, waiting to whisk you away to the nearest corner of paradise. There’s a heady smell of incense and cinnamon in the air. The afternoon breeze makes the palm trees sway, and the fiery sky lights up every evening, giving you a spectacular sunset show.

Whether you’re looking to kick it back at the beach for a couple of days, adventure through national parks, practice yoga in luscious jungles or surf hidden breaks, Sri Lanka has it all. From the friendly locals to the coolest cafes and hidden gems along the way, it feels like time has slowed down, yet there is so much to see (and eat)! 

If you're lucky enough to experience this country first hand, travel through the South West and South part of the island. There is a lot to discover; a region rich in culture, brimming with life, and adventure just waiting around the corner.


The Kip

Owned by two Aussie expats, Phoebe and her husband Sandy are the most amazing hosts you could ask for. So amazing in fact, that their little Airbnb was mentioned in Vogue as one of the most stylish places to stay in Ahangama. Phoebs and Seddy are kind, knowledgeable and genuinely want you to experience the best Sri Lanka has to offer. Their villa, The Kip, is set in the jungle, a stones throw away from the beach and a tuk-tuk ride away to anywhere else your little heart desires. It’s a boho-luxe sanctuary with amazing vibes all around.


Explore with no agenda  

Go for a wander. Aside from the many popular beaches, restaurants and things to do, you never know what you might find just around the corner. Sri Lanka is still fairly new and there are so many beautiful places that no one talks about. The magic lays in discovering these places for yourself. Follow the train tracks to nowhere, explore the abandoned villa on a deserted beach. The present moment has never felt better. 

Mirissa (Palm Tree Hill)

There is no name for this post, and you’ll have to Google Map it and tell your tuk-tuk driver where to go, but Mirissa is one of the beautiful beaches on the South-West coast - you won’t want to miss out on the palm tree hill at the end of the bay!


Ceylon Sliders

For breakfast and rooftop yoga, look no further then Ceylon Sliders for your fill of coffee and good vibes. Set along a sleepy fisherman town, Ceylon Sliders is a surf shop, yoga studio, hotel and café all in one.


Amanwella – (Luxury)

If you’re looking to get away from it all and experience the perfect mix of luxury and laid-back vibes, then Amanwella is definitely the place to go.  Part of the Aman Resorts, this exclusive resort in the village of Tangalle is set on one of the most tropical, perfect beaches of Sri Lanka. Spa treatments, infinity pools and dramatic sunsets await.

Dickwella Beach

On the other side of the more touristy Hiriketiya Bay is Dickwella Beach. The southern end is a picturesque little haven filled with palm trees, white sand and crystal clear water. You’ll dip into the bath-tub temperature of the ocean, look back at tall palm trees and, if you’re lucky, see a few monkeys swinging around. Stop at Verse Collective for a great Roti lunch.

Don't Leave Without

Taking a train ride to anywhere

Trains are one of the main modes of transportation and date back to British colonial settlers in the 1800’s. Whether you’re up in the mountains (Kandy to Ella is a famous train ride) or just along the coast, show up to a train station, buy a ticket for 400 rupiah (About $1.5AUD) and find yourself a spot on the train. Trust me, your eyes will thank you.

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