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During my first time visiting the white isle of Ibiza over 10 years ago, I would never have thought that I could feel so strongly for a single travel destination or that I would return almost every year following. The pull of this island can’t be dismissed.

When Ibiza comes to mind many immediately jump to the vision of package tour Brits in San Antonio partying to electronic music till the sun comes up, and they wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption. It wasn’t until my 3rd visit to the island that I really started to discover the other side, the side that will ensure I return for years to come. Secluded beach coves, wild rugged countryside, bio-organic cafes nestled in the villages and the divine Los Ibicencos (Ibizan natives); welcoming, warm and casually spiritual.

One can sense the island is steeped in some serious history, I imagine very much a past like a ‘Game of Thrones’. Its colourful inhabitants have shaped the island over thousands of years. From the 60s onwards the hippy movement gained momentum on the isle and it is claimed to be the European equivalent of San Francisco where beatnik and hippie culture originated. Along with its mystical energies, the island attracts the most interesting mix of creatives, crazies and yogis from around the world….

Knowing I didn’t need much of an excuse to return to Ibiza I booked in my first ever yoga retreat with Ibiza Retreats this June just passed for 6 nights along with 8 other yogis. With no expectations, I travelled 36hrs, much further than my new European friends to experience the other side of Ibiza…

CASA LAKSHMI LUZ… Our beautiful home for the week is named after the good luck Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune & prosperity (both material and spiritual) couldn’t be a better fit for this island. Casa Lakshmi Luz occupies a traditional Finca ‘Iberican farmhouse’ and is around 200 years old with many of the original features retained such as stone walls and exposed beams, yet with all the retreat mod cons.

Morning walks through the ‘campo’ which simply refers to the countryside even though just 5mins from the beach. Gorgeous red earth, grazing goats and wildflowers to collect for our mandala.

Post morning walk, chia pots and goddess guidance cards await with ginger and lemon tea before morning practice begins.

Outdoor yoga shala where 2.5hrs of morning practice takes place every morning. A gentle combination of meditation, dynamic flow style vinyasa and restorative yin for stretching and flexibility. Co-founder and Yogi Larah Davis led us through most daily practice with her calming energy and singing mantras.

Yoga one morning up in the incredible north of the island at a private little cove with the divine Carina of BeYogi for an energetic and challenging class of sun salutations and balances in the sand. Followed by a refreshing swim and fresh local fruit.

Daily brunch prepared by nutritionist Lisa Strong, a simple affair of greens, salads, guacamole and some days eggs or local goats cheese for a protein source.

My 2nd favourite place to hang, other than the yoga shala was the kitchen! with slightly out-there retreat chef Mayla, of Dutch origins, she truly looks at home here in Ibiza. Vegetarian, predominantly Vegan, Gluten & Dairy free cuisine made with locally sourced produce was an absolute highlight. I don’t know how she made everything so tasty with such simple ingredients.

Boat day… Our final day we spent sailing to Es Vedra, the third most magnetic spot in the world after the north pole and the Bermuda Triangle. Es Vedra is a rocky island off the southwestern tip of Ibiza. Although it is forbidden and illegal to set foot on the island you can feel the energy all over the island and it is said that Es Vedra was the home of the sirens and the sea nymphs who tried to lure Ulysses in Greek mythology. I found it to have an incredibly calming and creative energy and can’t believe that after 11 years since I first set foot in Ibiza I have been lured back time after time and only just heard of Es Vedra for the first time this year! Certainly explains some things.

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