Coachella has become a front-runner in fashion trends emphasizing bohemian and vintage clothing. It continues to attract some of the biggest artists from all over the world and has become a must-see fashion event for celebrities, models, brands, influencers and music goers; the event has become a fashion sensation in its own unique way.

With Bluesfest a few weeks ago and week one of Coachella 2018 weekend 2 upon us, we took to our festival archive to dig up some of our favourite Tigerlily festival looks and styling tips to help you create your own bohemian inspired festival outfit.

Flowy Fabrics

When we think of festival attire, we are automatically drawn to flowy vibrant fabrics. Opting for a flowy dress or maxi skirt will help you achieve those ideal Instagram festival photos by creating movement throughout the fabric, almost as if you’re dancing with every step you take.


Mixing Prints

Prints are a festival staple and a great way to create your own distinctive look.  Finding the right prints to mix and match however, can often prove to be challenging.  We recommend mixing prints with complimentary colour tones to give you a polished cohesive look.

When in doubt, accessorise

If you’re planning on wearing something a little simpler, try using bold accessories such as cowboy boots, intricate handbags, body jewellery, and printed head scarves to add detail to your look.

Stay Comfortable

Remember to be prepared for a long day of dancing and walking around. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that you aren’t afraid to get dirty. Leather boots our one of our favourites!


Layering, fringing, suede, tassels, embroidery and hand-loom texture. We love that festivals bring out the most amazing, eclectic combinations and unique style. Festival faves Mimi, Natascha and Whitney in Tigerlily at Coachella.

And Always Pack a Bikini...

And of course, wherever you go, make sure to pack a bikini!

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