Q&A With Pania Rose

Drawing on our 17-year heritage and looking back on muses from the past 

we thought it was perfect timing to re-introduce Pania

Western Australian beauty Pania Rose was our muse way back in 2009. Pania embodies our feelings about the Australian beach lifestyle and inspires strength, individuality, confidence and inner beauty.

You have starred in many Tigerlily campaigns over the years… What have been some of your most memorable moments shooting with us?

My first year we shot at the Billabong house on the north shore of Oahu. I was thrilled to be in the house where all the pro-surfers stay whilst on tour. On our last night, we went swimming at midnight and the next morning, a local took us to swim with sea turtles, it was one of the best moments I've ever had on location.

In Mexico, we did some more late night swimming and explored the Mayan ruins. The Tigerlily team never misses a chance to have fun + an adventure wherever they travel.

Having grown up in Perth, we know WA holds a special place in your heart. What was it like being back home?

It was such a treat to be home for the first time in over 4years. I'd started to feel intensely homesick and needing to be around my people. I realise out of all the Aussies West Aussies are some of the most relaxed & casual. There is not one bit of pretention and I miss that about Australia. It always takes me a few days to adjust to how quiet Perth is and then we head down south for adventures. It was just so nice to be completely free around family & dear friends I've had since childhood. We spent time with my best friend on her farm and the rest we spent camping with my sister. For a week, our only showers were dips in the ocean and walking around barefoot (which couldn't be further from our NYC city life) I thrive in those moments getting in touch with my roots, roughing it a little bit and being amongst nature.

Tell us about some of your favourite pitstops in WA… What are must-sees?

Margaret River is still one of my most favourite places in the world. I would live there in a heartbeat. It is beautiful, peaceful and with just the right amount of people passing through to have an exciting energy about it.

I was amazed by how special the Pinnacles were. They are spectacular and in typical West Aussie style, completely unassuming at the same time. I love how accessible they are to the public. You can just walk around in amongst them.

And the beautiful Karri and Tingle forests between Manjimup and Walpole. They are world class impressive. Growing up in that area, I never truly appreciated their beauty and rarity. Now having travelled extensively and seen some of the other giant trees of the world, I am in awe of this tiny corner of Australia.

You now live in NYC with your lovely partner Thaddeus and little son Cas, what is it like living in the big smoke, juggling a globetrotting career and being a mother?

Becoming a Mother made me love & cherish my job more than ever. It is perfect because, on my days off, I am cooking, cleaning, pottering, trekking Cas to school and then when I work, it almost feels like a break. Especially whilst on location, enjoying a hotel bed to myself, reading a book. It's in those moments that I have time to reflect on our everything from a distance, so I can think of adjustments I'd like to make. I feel a great sense of purpose & ease being a Mum and am grateful for still having independence and adventure through my work.

New York works well for us because we escape every weekend to Eastern Long Island. My husband surfs and I will walk to our local farm to pet horses with Cas. Those nature and lifestyle moments are so important to Aussies. Too many months of cement and it can send a homesick Aussie on the next plane home.

We know you love to wander just as much as we do… What are your top 3 travel destinations and why?

I'm obsessed with the American West, from Arizona, north through Utah & Wyoming up into the Pacific North West. The Grand Canyon and the Redwoods of Northern California are two of the most breath-taking places I've been.

My dream in the next few years is to custom-kit out a van and road trip all the way up the US. Whilst in WA over Easter weekend, I was snapping inspiration pics of all the kitted-out 4WD's everywhere we went. Ironically, my husband had forgotten to pack his board straps so we had his surfboards tied onto our car with an old piece of rope my Dad found in his shed. We got some looks and laughs at our ghetto set-up.

Do you ever keep any talismans/trinkets or like to pick up souvenirs on your travels? Any amazing finds you have stumbled across?

I have a collection of pottery and wooden eggs from around the world in varying sizes. My son and I are obsessed with them. His obsession started because he has a love of dinosaurs and snakes. So I would bring them back for him from my

travels, then I started upgrading to some delicate ones that he's not allowed to touch. Something about holding a smooth egg is very comforting

You are the ultimate beach goddess and we adore your sun-kissed skin and freckles! What is your background and your approach to beauty?

My mother is Maori and my Dad is a blue-eyed Aussie so I inherited his tendency to freckle. I wear sunscreen every day and now I wear a hat too. I'm using some lovely Aussie moisturisers, washing my face with water and a washcloth. A touch of concealer & mascara every day, liner on the top lid if I want to be a bit more dramatic. Once a week, I use a gentle facial peel. My new beauty ritual is having a soak in the bathtub once a week. And I try to get as much sleep as I can on weekends. Being restful and peaceful is beautifying. And if I don't have to work, it's no make-up and no contact lenses, just glasses.

What is your all-time favourite Tigerlily bikini?

I have this incredible bikini from Mexico 2010 campaign. It's a beautiful burgundy mosaic pattern, that Amelia designed personally with this ultra flattering frill overlay on the tube top. I knew it was a winner when even my father-in-law commented on how pretty it was.

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