Postcards from India

We first visited India many years back. And needless to say, it totally stole our hearts. With its bustling energy, breathtaking architecture, colours, and antique textiles... not to mention the food! It’s a constant source of inspiration for us, and we have travelled there many times since. All the while, waiting for the right collection to take us back for a campaign shoot...

Panna Meena ka Kund

We stumbled upon these ancient step wells whilst researching locations back in Sydney. Although they lie at street level, chances are you would walk straight past without even knowing. They are concealed by an unassuming walled entrance and are barely signed. They are basically a well in which the water is reached by large descending steps.

Samode Village

A small village at the foothill of the Samode Palace. The streets are lines with the most incredible painted walls and doorways. The locals welcomed us warmly, inviting us into their homes, and their children playfully followed us around from door to door. The streets constantly buzzing with motorbikes delivering milk and the tinkering of goat bells...

Samode Palace

The palace is one of those places that will never leave your memory. The grounds themselves are captivating. Painted in dusty golden tones with archways everywhere you look. Its situated over an hours drive from the pink city, and is surrounded by green mountainous lands.


There are entire rooms and hallways filled with unique hand painted designs. Painted in rich tones of blue, red and mustard pigments...the detail is incredible. 

The palace is a must if you visit Jaipur... even just a for a day trip! And you can’t leave without having a ‘thali’ (basically a mini tasting plate of different curries, and local specialties) from their restaurant. By far, one of the best we have had in India...

A huge thank you to the crew!

Photography ~ Emily Abay

Talent ~ Jessica Clarke

Creative Direction ~ Amelia Mather

Art Direction ~ Sarah Parker

Styling ~ Bridie Gilbert

H&M ~ Ania Milczarczyk

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