Postcards from Ibiza

Our love for the little white isle of Ibiza is one that began many years ago with our frequent visits for design inspiration that lead to our ‘Bikini Trail’ collection in 2014. 

Not dissimilar to our love for Mexico, Ibiza is one of those places that has pulled us in deeper than others… An island with an incredible history ~ Ibiza can be best described as magnetic, kind of a yin and yang pull with the hedonistic party side contrasted with the booming Zen, holistic side. It is the latter that inspired our Creative Director, Amelia to embark on a ritualistic travel experience that would inspire the essence behind ‘Namaste Love Tigerlily’…

Starting out at the caves facing Es Vedra, which is said to be the third most magnetic point on the earth, we captured our very first scene. Hippies camped out in these caves in the 60s and they’re still inhabited by a lovely man who welcomed us in.


After the pilgrimage to Es Vedra, the girls set out to explore the stunning northern beaches of Santa Eulalia. 

New Arrivals

Checking into our Villa Can Viky’ we were welcomed by the warmest Spanish family of interior designer Virginia Nieto and her fashion blogger daughter Monica Anoz. Their style was so cool we couldn’t believe our luck stumbling upon a new Villa that just graced the pages of Spanish Vogue that month. Our NLT crew were the first to stay at the beautifully designed Villa and experience home cooked Spanish food, yoga and sound-bath vibration rituals with Luri and his Tibetan bowls.

Further north we headed to the quirky hotel Los Enamorados in Portinatx. Owned by a French man Pierre and his Dutch wife Rose, this newly converted retro-bohemian hotel was beyond cool! We loved hanging out there for the worldly inspired food, market style shopping and the prime view of the crystal clear water synonymous with the north of Ibiza.


Check out Vogue's list of secret spots to discover in IbizaLos Enamorados

After all of that, we finished up feeling refreshed, balanced and pretty content with great food, mesmerizing beach destinations, memories and experiences that sum up what transformative travel is all about…  


Huge thanks to our NLT creative team…

Shot by Sam Hendel assisted by Peter Carter
Styled by Bridie Gilbert
Hair & Makeup Rebecca Wordingham assisted by Jessie Hope-Weston
Creative direction Amelia Mather
Special thanks to our Amanda Romeo


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