"This must be the place..." ~ Spirits Bay with Zippy x Terence


We've always been drawn to Zippy's otherworldly beauty, creative free-spirit and her Boheme style which has us lusting for our next adventure...
Zippy heads off the beaten path and takes us on a journey to Spirits Bay in New Zealand.
Zippora wears the Lady Bird Top and Oui Tiger Bikini Bottom.

Shot by her photographer and filmmaker partner, Terence Connors, they created 'This must be the place...' short travel film of their adventure for our latest Tigerlily Travels.


Where do you call home ~
Z.S: Waiheke Island and Montauk

T.C: Sometimes my suitcase feels like my home but Montauk and Waiheke are the places that feel like home.
Zippora wears the Sedona Top and Stevie Buzios Bikini Bottom 
What unexpected destinations have you explored recently ~
Z.S: We moved onto a sailboat in New York and we’ve been exploring the little islands off the coast there. Terence and I are meeting up in Normandie next week. We’ve been traveling separately for past month lots of trips to the Great Barrier Reef, South Africa and Baja, Mexico.

T.C: I had a big trip through the mid west of America as well for a week long job, was very surreal.

Zippora wears the Oui Tara Triangle Bikini Top and Oui Corset Bikini Bottom

Tell us about the shoot location...
Why did you choose Spirits Bay in Northland in New Zealand for the Tigerlily Shoot ~
Z.S: I had not been there since I was a child. But I had these wonderful memories of the excitement of exploring these endless sand dunes and the Maori myths of Spirits Bay and I wanted to go back, share that with Terence. Sometimes going back to places I remember as a child can be funny. A river I used to fear crossing could be just a stormwater drain. I was also terrified of oyster catchers. But Spirits Bay was even dreamier.

T.C: We had been to Northland together a month earlier to explore some surf spots up the coast around New Years and finally when we got to Spirits Bay, I thought we’d arrived to heaven. It’s unlike any place I’ve ever seen. It’s so untouched and magical looking. It’s hard to translate in photos or moving image so, I suggest you go for yourself... For having travelled around the world a bunch, I can say that it’s truly unique.

L to R: Zippora wears the Stevie Jacket and Mayfield Pant ~
Zippora wears the Lady Bird Top and Oui Tiger Bikini Bottom
Top 6 in New Zealand ~ 
Best Café/ Food ~ our favorite @werebros left for Byron bay.. but I love Dragonfired on Waiheke island and Orphans kitchen 
Where to get a caffeine fix ~ Kokako in Grey Lynn. 
Off the Beaten Path ~ Kawhia. The fish and chip shop in this little fishing town has freshest grilled fish. 
Favourite Beach ~ Te Arai 
Where to relax ~ studio red yoga
Insider's Secret ~ hehe we have to keep some things to ourselves but we’ll happily take you in person. 
Otherworldly beaches you've discovered & what you love about them ~

Z.S: Spirits Bay. The pink sand, turquoise clear water, surrounded by Tapu (sacred) hills. Wild horses meeting under trees along the banks of the stream. So much to explore. And there’s surf...

Hyrda, Greece. The island has no cars so we got around by foot, boat or donkey. The water is crystal clear there. And the nights are warm and filled with music. The cats rule those islands.

Fonta de Telha. Endless white sand surf beach with colourful fishing boats pulled up all along the little town that has adopted all the stray dogs. It’s such a happy colourful place.

T.C: I agree. :)

 Travel is ~
Z.S: Seeing the world from another perspective. It’s doesn’t mean you have to go to a different country or spend a lot of money.

T.C: A good movie, photograph or music can also take me pretty far...
Your favourite music festival and why ~ 
Z.S & T.C: Desert Daze in Joshua Tree has a good line up. I also love just having friends over playing music and dancing in the garden. Sometimes it’s just Terence and me.
Tell us about how you styled the looks and your favourite Tigerlily pieces from the shoot ~

Z.S: We really just went exploring and I wore my favourite pieces on each adventure. I love Tigerlily swimwear. It’s really flattering and good quality. I love the bikinis and the cozy knits too.

T.C: Zippy knows best

Zippora wears the Palo Duro Knit and Mandola Skirt

Tell us about your creative outlets and inspirations ~

Z.S: I love taking photos and making images. Travelling to new cultures is so exciting to me. I take photos of everything, I love new colours and I love the afternoon sun. I’m inspired by artists and women following their dreams.

T.C: We’ve been designing our house in Montauk for the past year which has been a good creative outlet to express our styles, combine them and look for inspiration. 

Zippora wears the Ramiz Jumpsuit available instore.

 What’s projects are you working on for 2018 ~ 

Z.S: Creating content for brands is something fun that social media has brought about. Taking photos for myself, for my friends and family.

T.C: 2018 has started off very busy I feel like we had the one week off around New Years and since then have both been working every day, spending lots of time on planes, been doing a lot of fashion film direction and some TV commercials as well which is new for me but has been fun to push myself creatively into new realms.

This shoot for Tigerlily was a great opportunity for Zippy and I to take a couple days and go shoot together which is the nicest thing working with the person you love. We will have to take a month off in September most likely to focus on building our house finally as we’ve been on the process of getting permits for over a year and that’s something I’m super excited about. 

 Your style is ~

Z.S: Pretty lazy. Vintage pieces I can throw on over a bikini. Jewellery or sparkly accessories dress up jeans and a T-shirt.

T.C: Vintage classics as well, lots of Bell bottoms for me, a good pair of boots... pretty simple throw in a cowboy hat once in a while.

Zippora wears the Elissa Gemini Bra and Ramiz Jumpsuit available instore.  

…Your style muses are ~
Z.S: David Bowie and Janis Joplin.

T.C: Bowie, David Hemmings in Blow Up, Delon in Purple Noon, Dennis Hopper and Hendrix.
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