Bluesfest Long Weekend

The beautiful and well-known eccentric town of Byron Bay is the perfect place to spend a weekend. With its charming locals, vibrant culture and whole lot of hippy spirit there’s no doubt that this quaint town will make you feel right at home.

Although Byron is lovely to enjoy any time of year, there is no denying that the most exciting time to visit is for the annual Bluesfest Festival which takes place this Easter long weekend.

To join in on all the festivities surrounding Byron this long weekend we are giving away 10 x tickets for Bluesfest, complimentary treats, gifts with purchase and we have invited our inspiring and dear friend Lara Zilibowitz to visit our Byron Bay habitat and offer complimentary Beautification and Body Adornment (body/face art) to all visitors.

Bluesfest Ticket Giveaway
Win a chance to attend the 2018 Bluesfest Festival.
We are giving away 2 x 1 day tickets to 5 lucky winners and their friends
Competition starts Wednesday March 28th and ends Sunday April 1st.
The winners will receive 2 tickets for the festival the following day
To enter, customers will need to visit our Byron Bay habitat
and will need to answer: In 30 word of less describe your festival style.
Customers will be contacted via phone/email.

Complimentary Treats
Visit our Byron Bay habitat from
Thursday 29th March to Monday 2nd April
to receive complimentary assorted treats
from “The Daily Bar”. While stocks last.

Gift with Purchase
Receive a free Tigerlily Scarf valued at $40 when you spend over $150 at our Byron Bay habitat while stocks last.
Don’t forget to ask one of our Lilys about different way to wear your scarf!

Beautification and Adornment by Artist Lara Zilibowitz
Visit our Byron habitat to receive
complimentary body and face art.
Lara will be in store:
Thursday 29th March 10:00am - 3:00pm
Friday 30th March 10:00am - 2:00pm
Saturday 1st April 10:00am - 1:30pm

Lara is an International touring yoga teacher, and artist who has become renowned for her cosmic creativity and mandala art - on handmade, hand-carved ceramics, as well as large-scale murals and body art.

Lara is one of those souls whom we were drawn to immediately. Her free-spirited nature, healthy style of living and passion for creating such intricate designs is truly inspiring. We sat down with this creative muse to give us her take on creativity and mindfulness.

Tell us about your Yoga practice and what got you into yoga/meditation?

LZ: I have been a movement addict from an early age. I was passionate about dance and gymnastics growing up and for as long as I can remember have been drawn to creative expression through the body.

Following the path of yoga has taught me that the biggest gift we can give ourselves is to pay attention, to revel in the experience of being alive in both the light and the shadow. To cultivate joy by searching for the preciousness of small things - such as the flavour of the breath, the texture of sensation or the beauty of nature shimmering all around us - that transforms everyday experiences into the sublime.

What I love most about vinyasa yoga is that it can be an invitation into a “flow state” experience of moving meditation. When we allow the breath to be the leader and the body to follow, a profound rhythmic experience is revealed that can move beyond any concept of time. It is in that moment, when the past and future merge with the present moment that we can savour the pure pulsation of life without any distraction.

Tell us about where you draw creative inspiration from for your designs?

LZ: I have always been drawn to patterns and prints, texture and colour from fabric and architecture around the world. I feel deeply inspired by ethnic designs cross-culturally and unconsciously draw upon these styles and symbols when I create.

Nature of course is also a boundless source of inspiration - from the colour palettes embedded in the earth and splashed across the sky to non-linear lines of climbing vines and the curves and folds of flora.

However in all of my work, whether it is carving ceramics, or painting large-scale murals or body art, each design is completely unique and spontaneous. The process of creating I approach as a meditation practice in itself where I sit in front of the canvas with no plan and no guide, simply giving my hand free reign.

Describe your creative aesthetic?

LZ: Textured, patterned, playful, sparky, spicy, earthy, elegant, feminine, liberated

Tell us about what you'll be doing in the Byron Bay store for Tigerlily

LZ: I’ll be in-store beautifying faces and bodies with my art! From tiny dots to patterned details to accentuate features and bring a little extra sparkle to each customer’s style.

Sacred body art is an ancient practice in many indigenous cultures that can transform the wearer into a powerful totem shaped by the colour and texture. And over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with the artform - from full body murals to painting pregnant bellies to adorning faces and most recently designing tattoos.

Name 3 songs that get you pumped for Bluesfest

LZ: Ohhhhhhhh LAUREN HILL! Her whole discography,  but if I had to choose, her rendition of Killing me Softly. Probably the song I’ve listened to the most times in my life.

Coming in close second would be Jose Gonzalez’s ,Heartbeats.

Also very excited to see king of African pop, Youssou N’dour! I grew up dancing around the house to his soulful sound and uplifting beats.

We have also put together our own Spotify playlist for Bluesfest to get you ready for the weekend! 

To see Lara’s work please visit:

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