Our latest Athleisure arrivals feature new neoprene styles for lilys who just love to be in the water, no matter the season.

At Tigerlily, we love the versatility of neoprene.  Our first wetsuits are not only pretty,
featuring the beautiful palette of washed charcoal, soft pink and smokey olive from our much-loved 'Tundra' print, they perform.
Keeping you comfortable and warm for that morning paddle or surf.


Neoprene is a fabrication that is just made for the water... It is spongy, flexible and thick in nature making it an ideal choice to wear for any water sport, providing cushioning and protection, strength, versatility and water resistance.
~ Our neoprene pieces are predominantly designed for surfing, paddle boarding and swimming in waters 16°C and up.
~ The pieces feature flat-locked seams. The interior seam construction is flat and comfortable against the body. Naturally, some water may seep in through the seams.
~ Take note of the millimeters in thickness of each piece. In general, the thicker the neoprene, the warmer it will keep you. Our Tundra Paddle Suit is constructed with 2mm neoprene which is ideal for waters 16°C and up.
~ Neoprene is meant to be worn firm ~ think of it like a second skin. Always buy neoprene pieces that are on the firmer side as they will naturally loosen up in the water.
We love to mix and match our neoprene pieces back with our signature swimwear or 
Le Maroc athleisure.

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