At The Farmhouse

We recently photographed some of our favourite pieces from our upcoming Winter collection The Nila Way amongst the green and lush surrounds of Byron Bay at the picturesque home of Julia Ashwood.

Julia is the brains behind the ever inspiring online travel accompaniment The Vista.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of getting to know Julia through our past collaborations, and being invited into her home was a real treat!

We asked Julia a few questions while we were gazing around her home...enjoy her answers below!

We adore your home in the lush Byron hinterland… What motivated your move north from Bondi to Byron Bay?

I had actually been living between New York, LA and Sydney for 15yrs... then I met my love Matty and was married and pregnant with baby Dee Dee soon after.

I grew up in Northern NSW so always wanted to come home, be close to family & give my children the wonderful lifestyle I had growing up in this special place.

As the saying goes, home is where to heart is…What is your favourite part of your home and why?

The kitchen - hands down! because I love food and Matty is an awesome cook. It's also where people have the best conversations, don't you think?

We know you love travel as much as we do… What is your favourite piece you have collected for your home?

We recently bought some beautiful ceramics in California by Kat & Rogers, I have some warm throws from India and amazing beaded head pieces from Turkey for the baby!

snaps from @julzcoco

Your daughter Delilah Bee (great name!) is just gorgeous! How has your life changed since she came into your world?

Ha well everybody says - "just make them fit into your lifestyle", yet you learn quite fast they they now call the shots! But in all honesty I think as long as you can maintain a nice sense of zen in your home, your babes will too. Thanks what we keep thinking and flowing anyways.

Your blog always inspires us. . .What motivated you to start The Vista?

Wanderlust! when I wasn't travelling I was just dreaming of it. I also had loads of people ask me for advice so that's when I started creating guides, to share this information in a beautiful, curated way.

We also host The Vista Experience which we run annually with Tigerlily. This is a luxe giveaway designed to give other wanderlust-ers out there the opportunity to win a divine holiday with money can't buy experiences, for themselves and 3 friends. Wait till this year's competition goes live - it's going to be a big one!

snaps from @the_vista

How do you balance The Vista, travel and motherhood now?

I work when Dee Dee sleeps! So I know I get at least 3hrs to tap the keys a day. If I have a meeting she comes, and if we are shooting on location I pop her in the front pack and away we go! She's a dream really, we are so very lucky.

‘Travel often’ are words we love to live by at Tigerlily, where are you headed to next?

We are off on a wild Tassie adventure next, then Kauai, HI and onto California!

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At the farmhouse shoot

Photography Carly Brown

Talent Casey La Chiusa

H&M Clare Moriarty

Production Alesha Saliba

Styling Catherine Thorbecke

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