A Slice of Europe at Wylie's Baths

Travelling comes from within our soul, it’s something we yearn for, the desire to experience new things and see what each place has to offer. For many years now, we have drawn inspiration for our collections from the eclectic cultures, historical architecture, exotic landscapes and all-around beauty each destination has to offer.

Our Voyage Spring 18’ collection however, wasn’t inspired by just one destination in particular, rather, by the journey itself. The thought of embarking on a journey or ‘voyage’ conjures a sense of wonder and gets us excited of what’s to come - this is exactly the feeling we wanted to capture at our preview event for our Spring 18’ Voyage collection.

Guests arrived at Coogee’s Wylie’s Baths (one of our beloved tidal pools in Sydney) only to be greeted by a European getaway. The area was completely transformed and created the perfect ambience for our models to walk the runway while guests enjoyed the beautiful flavours of their long-shared lunch.

When it came to creating the overall look and feel for the event, we called upon David Malek, a Production Designer who has designed events and launches for the likes of; Swarovski, Aperol, David Jones, Heidi Klum Intimates, The Sydney Opera House, and Nylon Studios – to name a few.

To get a deeper understanding of what it takes to style such a grand scale event we sat down with David to discover how he manifests his visions through his styling approach.

What were the inspirations behind the event venue and styling for the Spring ’18 Voyage Collection?

Amelia, Creative Director of Tigerlily and I first began by discussing what inspired us. The collection itself encompasses an eclectic cultural journey exploring both historical trade and maritime routes. We were both drawn by beach bars and restaurants in the Mediterranean. We wanted to create that vibe in the beautiful iconic beach setting of Wylie’s Baths in Coogee.

Tell us about creating the table setting and the key elements to bring the eclectic but sophisticated Tigerlily look to life.

Utilising Tigerlily fabrics along with a neutral palette of linens and light coloured timbers mixed with antique glassware and vintage bottles. The floral elements from Hermetica were based on the idea of what you would find in a local's garden in the Mediterranean. A mix of edible elements such as figs, rosemary and artichokes along with decorative elements of olive branches, succulents and cacti. The shared platters of beautiful fresh colourful Australian produce from The Caterer Sydney completed the picture.

What kind of events do you style and what was unique about the Tigerlily event?

I work on product launches, brand activations, corporate events, celebrity chef dinners and private celebrations. The Tigerlily event was unique because the brand was so inspiring as well as the collection it seemed easy to achieve something beautiful. The location at Wyle’s Baths was also pretty amazing.

How did you create the space and the beautiful dappled light?

I used a neutral coloured vintage camouflage net to create the canopy, along with antique Japanese fishing nets including glass fishing floats & driftwood.

Speaking of props, where did you source the props and decorations for the event?

A variety of places, such as antique shops, Interiors stores, military suppliers, event hire companies and a few things from my own personal collection (as well as the Tigerlily offices and Creative Director Amelia’s house)

What was your favourite styling piece for the event?

The hanging wicker light shades swaying in the breeze.

What’s your best kept secret for hosting and styling a great event?

The guest takes their cue from the host, so keep relaxed and calm and that should hopefully filter through. Styling elements to surprise and delight are key to seeing the attendees stimulated (along with good Champagne!)

What are important things to consider when styling an event?

The movement and flow of the guests and how they will use the space and to create an environment where they will get the most enjoyment out of the location.

With many thanks to 

Styling ~ David Malek
Hair ~ Goldwell Australia
Makeup ~ Ania Milczarczyk
Photography ~ Sonny Photos

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